How We Do It
Working with our vendors, Back 2 Basic Global Outreach helps various companies and charities to meet the needs in their communities. No matter the size, Back 2 Basic gives non-profits a voice. We use non-perishable items that usually would go to a landfill, to meet the needs of the people in Southern Nevada and to rural areas.

Our vendors and partners give us the opportunity to utilize items that would be normally be disposed of Returned or unsold items , is the kind of stuff we give value to. We do the work to protect your brand so you don’t have to worry.

Partners can sign up with Back 2 Basic Global Outreach to receive donations through the pallet program or thrift store. We distribute to those in need that are connected to your organization. As well as allowing members in the organization to shop for participants in need.

Partners and vendors can purchase vouchers that will be given to different organizations for select families in need. Allowing them to receive items in Back 2 Basic’s thrift store.